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“Hey, Cuomo: What about those local jobs?”
Chautauqua Updates video of local union workers picketing the Cassadaga Wind project site because local workers are not being employed as was promised. They are bringing in workers from out of state and all over the world.

Chautauqua Updates video of Arwright’s town board noise monitor, Dr. Mark Twichell, discussing wind turbine noise, and an overview of the current wind turbine situation in New York State. “What goes unmonitored, unmeasured, ignored by the industry and the State, is inaudible noise: “We really should call it a vibration,” Dr. Twichell says. “…vibrations synchronous with many of the natural vibration frequencies of the human body, a plausible explanation of why infrasound is so harmful.” … “New York State regulatory agencies … are permitting a facility that they know is going to be highly annoying to 10% of the population and have the recourse of filing the nuisance lawsuit based on the fact they can no longer can enjoy the full use and valued of their property” .

GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!” Big Wind Is Coming — Arkwright NY (part 1)
Chautauquaupdates film by Roy and Karen Harvey
The story of people living with 475 foot turbines for a half year: ” It’s a living hell,” Lynn Bedford. ” I can’t live like this.” Mike Lord. “They have taken away my health and well being,” Mike Stone. “I have headaches, nausea – the thought of being sleep deprived for the next 25 years is daunting,” Carrie Babcock. “This project will devastate my organic farm,” Margaret Breugel. “There is nothing green about these things. We have been duped,” Angela Bittinger. “The biggest thing they did was to keep it from the public.” Angelo Graziano. “The wind contracts are immoral. The commission can make mistakes,” Diane Clark. “The Amish are religiously opposed to wind turbines. They are concerned for their families, their animals and the health of their soil.”” The essence of our Arkwright home has been destroyed,” Bruce Roll.” Hopefully other counties will take a united stance against wind,” Chuck Nazzaro.”We can beat back this tragedy from destroying the beautiful pristine area we enjoy,” County Executive George Borrello. The negative economic impacts amount to $23.8 million to the county in spite of the $2 million paid to the town.

Delaware Highlands Conservancy at www.delawarehighlands.org on Vimeo
A 2013 video applicable to the growing eagle population along the south shore of Lake Ontario
In 1972, there was a single pair of nesting American Bald Eagles left in New York state. Today, there are hundreds in New York, Pennsylvania and surrounding states. What does the story of the American Bald Eagle’s return teach us about the impact we have on our environment, and our responsibility to conserve our shared habitat?

A Horror Story: Wind Power in rural New York
Mary Kay Barton has been writing and speaking about the wind industry fraud since 2004. Albert Vliestra was passively in favor of wind turbines coming to Warsaw County, then he became ill — with protracted ailments — when they were installed in the area. After a long fight against the turbines, Cathi Orr lost. She sold her 100 acre farm at a substantial loss, and fled. Albert Vliestra too sold his dream home at a major loss. The living room where this interview takes place is that of Linda and Paul Makson. They are surrounded by 16 giant wind turbines that creak and groan and whistle and whoosh all the time, but the infrasound is worse. And worse yet, New York taxpayers are paying for it, as per Governor Cuomo’s fraudulent “green energy” program.

No Thank You Apex and Lighthouse Wind
This video is about APEX GO HOME, RESTORE HOME RULE. Picture this landscape littered with 60-70 600+ foot tall industrial wind turbines. The majority of the citizens in these two towns (Lyndonville/Yates and Somerset/Barker NY) do not want these industrial machines.

ABC Ballarat radio interview with Lyndsey Ward
Lyndsey Ward introduces her book, Tiny the Turbine, with cartoons by Josh, written to counter the wind industry’s propaganda directed to children.

Wind turbines… what they’re doing to people’s health, and now it’s official
Good video footage of Waterloo and strong statements by the presenters plus some footage of acoustics expert Steven Cooper.

Take a Tour of Somerset

Wind and Health by Nathan Brown
Twelve-year-old Nathan Brown created this video documentary on wind turbine infrasound. http://en.friends-against-wind.org/testimonies/wind-and-health-by-nathan-brown

Google Earth simulation depicting potential impact to viewscape from seventy 620 ft. wind turbines placed along the shoreline of Lake Ontario in the towns of Somerset and Yates. Gov. Cuomo stop the insanity!

Finally, people are waking up to problems with wind power
“For over 3 years we have been suffering from sleep deprivation and abusive behavior by Georgia Mountain Wind owners and personnel, pretty much alone in our fight to regain our right to live a peaceful existence (except for Annette Smith and VCE staff). Now, hundreds of Vermonters have our back, and together we are determined to prevent other neighbors from this abuse!!!!”
– Melodie Fuller-McLane


Industrial Wind and Georgia Mountain


A Wind Energy Enthusiast and a Wind Lease Holder Both Learn a Hard Lesson
Two Michigan residents share their experiences living inside utility scale wind plants. One is a long time supporter of wind energy and another is a man who has leased his ground to wind developers. Both now have profound regret.


Down Wind
Down Wind is the explosive documentary that examines Ontario’s controversial rush into industrial wind farm development. Produced by Surge Media, Down Wind exposes how this Canadian provinces’ green energy dream turned into a nightmare for rural residents forced to live among the towering 50 storey turbines.


Wind Rush
A growing anti-wind movement says giant turbines have gone up without sufficient research into health impacts. In the rush to embrace wind power, have the people who live among the wind farms been forgotten?


Wind Turbine Collapses Near Weatherford OK
Wind turbine tower collapse in low winds.


Lackawanna NY turbine gear failure
For a couple months now, most of the windmills on the old Bethlehem Steel property haven’t been turning at all. Norman Polanski, Lackawanna Mayor, “They’re not turning plain and simple that’s what everybody keeps callling me about, the windmills aren’t turning.” … A Clipper Vice President tells me the plan now is for a crane to arrive next week to take all of the gear boxes down send them back to the factory in Iowa, and then replace them one by one throughout the winter. The towers will still stand but the blades will have to come off of all eight wind mills. It could be March or April before the job is finished.


Delivery and assembly of a wind turbine
A compact version of the film showing the the delivery and erection of a wind turbine tower and blades at Haswell Moor


Wind Turbine Shadow Flicker and Noise, Byron Wisconsin
This video shows what happens when wind turbines are irresponsibly sited. The nation is slowly waking up to the downside of wind energy. Developers lie to residents about the impacts these machines will have on the landowners and neighbor’s lives. They take advantage of those of us who want to do the right thing for our environment by telling us there will be no problem with noise, no problem with shadows, and no problem with putting turbines in bird migration flyways. The truth will out, eventually. For the residents in the town of Byron, Fond du Lac county, the truth is what they live with every single day. There is a place for wind energy. It’s just not beside a person’s home.


Industrial Wind Turbines – NIMBY = Not In My Back Yard OR Next It Might Be You!


Fatal Attraction: Birds and Wind Turbines
With California’s ambitious renewable energy goal, the state needs wind power. But California’s largest wind farm cluster at Altamont Pass unintentionally kills golden eagles, burrowing owls and other threatened birds. Now, wind companies, scientists and environmentalists are working to bird-proof these massive wind farms.


Videos from National Wind Watch
Presenting the facts about industrial wind power. These videos are available here by courtesy of their creators and the individuals who converted them for on-line viewing. See each individual page for information.