Save Ontario Shores Resource Documents


Some Reasons Why Save Ontario Shores Opposes Apex’s Lighthouse Wind Industrial Turbine Project.

Links below are to downloadable documents that Save Ontario Shores has available at tabling events.

Calendar of Bird Migration Through the Year
For Counties Along the Lake Ontario Shoreline

Health Impacts From Industrial Wind Turbines
Some basics on Noise, Infrasound and Shadow Flicker

Industrial Wind Turbines and Taxes
Who benefits from Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) agreements and decrease in property taxes?

Lake Ontario Migratory Bird Stopover Map #1
Areas predicted to have High Abundance and Richness during Spring and Fall Migrations

Lake Ontario Migratory Bird Stopover Map #2
Seasonal Importance of Areas Predicted to Have High Migrant Richness and/or Abundance.

Protecting the Restored Bald Eagle and Other Raptors, Migratory Songbirds and Bats
Lighthouse Wind is proposed directly in the path of the major bird flyway along the Lake Ontario shore

Lighthouse Wind by the Numbers
How much electricity will it deliver to Western New York?

Elected Officials, Organizations, and Others Opposing or Expressing Concerns about Apex’s Lighthouse Wind Project

The Greenest Energy
Alternatives To 600 Foot Tall Industrial Wind Turbines

US Department of the Interior Fish And Wildlife Service Letter
January 2016 letter to Honorable Kathleen Burgess, Secretary, New York State Public Service Commission regarding the Lighthouse Wind project severe impact to migrating birds.