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5/12/2023 Orleans Hub
Tonawanda Nation, environmentalists speak out against STAMP
Tom Rivers
Many speakers at a NYS Department of Environmental Conservation public hearing on Thursday evening were strongly against the DEC approving the plan proposed for mitigating the environmental impacts for the full build-out of the STAMP manufacturing site in the town of Alabama. Speaker, Pam Atwater, President of Save Ontario Shores, said the local area has about 10,000 acres that will be disturbed due to wind turbine projects and large-scale solar. That land isn’t far from the wildlife refuge. “The cumulative impact of those projects should be considered,” she said.


  • 12/3/2020 The New York Review of Books
    The Renewable Energy Rebels
    Jim Shultz
    Downstate environmental groups offered up an alternative economic plan for the people of Barker, in the form of forty-five giant wind turbines to be erected over the small villages that dot the lakeshore. Each one would be taller than the Washington Monument. Community opposition was fierce. The SOS citizens’ group that organized to fight the project warned of noise pollution, the threat to migrating birds, the impact of giant tower lights on their dark rural skies, and other effects they said would alter their communities in profound ways. They also noted that, once construction was done, the project would create no lasting jobs, little in the way of new revenue, and would mainly deliver big profits for the scheme’s corporate owners in Virginia.
  • 12/2/2020 RTO Insider
    NY renewable siting hearings end on mixed note
    Michael Kuser
    Kate Kremer, vice president of environmental advocacy group Save Ontario Shores (SOS), criticized the constant noise produced by wind turbines in quiet rural areas and quoted a study her organization commissioned by Rand Acoustics that found the proposed numerical standard would not protect people from the adverse health effects of the sound. Kremer said that her organization also has been disappointed by the response from ORES, such as receiving formatted responses to email queries that do not address the issues raised. ‘And we have been told that, unlike the document website at the Department of Public Service, people who want information on these projects are going to need to use the extremely slow Freedom of Information Act process,’ Kremer said. ‘Given the rapid pace of the ORES siting process that is anticipated, and the advances of website information generally, the failure to have a single, publicly accessible location for all project documents is surprising and shows that faster siting, according to ORES, is also including less access and very little transparency.’


  • 4/11/19 Manhattan Institute
    Testimony Before the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee
    Robert Bryce
    “All-renewable scenarios rely on the vacant-land myth – the faulty notion that there’s endless amounts of unused, uncared-for land out there in flyover county that’s ready and waiting to be covered with forests of renewable-energy stuff. The truth is quite different. Rural communities – even entire states – are resisting or rejecting wind, solar, and high-voltage transmission projects and that opposition is already slowing deployment of new renewable capacity in the US, Canada, and Europe. … You won’t read about it in the New York Times, but the towns of Yates and Somerset as well as three upstate New York counties – Erie, Orleans, and Niagara – have spent the past three years fighting the proposed 200-megawatt Lighthouse Wind project, which aims to put dozens of wind turbines near the shores of Lake Ontario.”
  • 2/13/19 Investigative Post
    Wind Turbines Generating Conflict
    Sara Jerving
    Despite her embrace of renewable energy, Atwater leads a group fighting to prevent a Virginia-based company from placing 47 wind turbines across the southern shore of Lake Ontario in her community and the neighboring Town of Yates.
  • 1/29/19 City Journal


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