Other NYS Citizen Groups

Northern NY Wind – Concerned citizens for rural preservation (CCRP) is a group of neighbors, friends, local government officials and business owners from the Parishville Hopkinton NY area who research to the best of our ability, information about INDUSTRIAL WIND POWER and then try to inform the local public about any realities involved with Industrial Wind projects.

River RATS (Residents Against Turbines) – is a community voice dedicated to preserving the health, economy, environment, beauty, and culture of the 1000 Islands Region by opposing the proposed Horse Creek Wind Project. River RATs monitors and participates in Horse Creek’s Article 10 process. We provide educational materials and gather resources for Jefferson County and 1000 Islands region stakeholders.

Save Our Beautiful Lake – Our mission is to ensure that our great natural resource (Lake Erie and the Great Lakes) is protected, properly managed, and supported by all residents, so that our communities can benefit from it now and into the future. Save Our Beautiful Lake and its supporters are pro-alternative and clean energy. However, it is our belief that prior to launching a project of the magnitude of Icebreaker, appropriate testing and assurances must be in place.

Great Lakes Wind Truth – a collection of persons and groups around the Great Lakes, who discovered a mutual need to increase knowledge of the fragility of the Lakes and Basin systems, and who are completely committed to defeating any industrial wind project that would upset delicate ecosystems, compromise water supplies, and negatively affect fishing, boating, migration routes, and the complex underwater life and lake bottom, that has already been compromised over time.


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