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January 3, 2022
Local groups oppose ALJs’ wind project decision
Lockport Union-Sun & Journal, Kate Kremer
Apex’s Heritage Wind project in Orleans County is proposed in an environmentally sensitive area. On Dec. 9, 2021, Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) reviewing the proposed Heritage Wind project issued a decision that ignores the massive number of birds migrating through the project area The Office of Renewable Energy Siting can disregard the ALJs’ recommendation and require additional protections for migrating birds. The Heritage Wind project has multiple community and birding groups as well as one federal and two state agencies either opposed to the project or with substantial objections. The substantial impact to migrating birds was stated in an extensive letter by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and testimony by staff at the New York Department of Environmental Conservation. New York’s climate goals require that the build-out of renewable energy be balanced against the need to protect wildlife.

Apex’s Grant Program is a Diversion from an Industrial Project
Orleans Hub, James Hoffman, Somerset resident
The newly announced grants program is a diversion away from the industrial nature of the proposed project in Barre, a rural farming community.

Poor Access to Apex’s Application for Project in Barre
Orleans Hub, Nancy Blank, Barre resident
With closed public buildings and poor internet service, Apex’s lengthy application is hard to access.

Weekend Wind Turbine Fire Leaves More Questions than Answers
The News of San Patricio, Paul Gonzales
A fire in a turbine in Texas leaves local residents without anyone to contact. The owner is Apex Clean Energy.

Construction workers say Apex has broken promise to hire local
Morning Sun, Eric Baerren
Unionized construction workers are accusing Apex Clean Energy LLC, the company behind a major wind energy project in north-central Isabella County, of breaking a promise to hire local workers.

Turbines Will Be Taller in Latest Wind Farm Plan
The Roanoke Times, Roanoke VA, Laurence Hammack
The latest proposal by Apex Clean Energy exceeds the maximum turbine height of 550 feet approved nearly three years ago and would require an amended permit from the county’s board of supervisors. At 550 feet, the turbines would be about as tall as the Washington Monument. At 680 feet, they would be closer to a 50-story skyscraper.

A Climate Conundrum: The Wind Farm Vs. The Eagle’s Nest
The New York Times, Joseph Goldstein
An eagle’s nest on Galloo Island in Lake Ontario has drawn attention to the safety of birds, and accusations of a cover-up have stalled a massive wind turbine project. A judge has questioned the integrity of one of the country’s largest wind farm developers, Apex Clean Energy.

Lake Ontario wind project is dead, Somerset supervisor says Buffalo News
Tom Prohaska
“Apex Clean Energy has decided not to advance the Lighthouse Wind permit application for a 2019 submittal at this time,” Williamson responded late Wednesday night. “We will provide both Somerset and Yates with updated information regarding permitting actions, adjustments in design, and anticipated scheduling as that information becomes available.”

Turbine project twists in the wind
Lockport Union Sun & Journal
Tim Fenster
Apex clean energy will not apply for a permit for proposed wind farm in Somerset and Yates in 2019.

Gone with the Wind discusses two projects recently cancelled in northern NY
Watertown Daily Times
Apex Clean Energy withdrew its applications earlier this month for state permits to construct a 108-megawatt project on Galloo Island. In June, Avangrid Renewables canceled its North Ridge Wind Farm project in Hopkinton. There was vocal opposition to both proposals.

Skirting the truth’s, a habit of Apex
Lockport Union-Sun & Journal
Kate Kremer

Apex, which is proposing 39 towering industrial wind turbines in the town of Somerset and an additional eight in the town of Yates for its Lighthouse Wind project, has a well-documented history of attempting to place industrial wind projects in environmentally sensitive areas. Citizen oversight of this out-of-state developer is essential to protect our environment, economy and our health. On October 26, administrative law judges for the Department of Public Service ruled that Apex should not have withheld information about an eagle’s nest in the Galloo project area. Administrative Law Judge Michael Caruso stated that this withholding of relevant information “raises serious questions about the applicant’s character and fitness.”

Turn it down: Local siting board should deny Apex’s Article 10 application
Watertown Daily Times
Marcus Wolf
Apex failed to disclose the existence of a bald eagle nest on Galloo in its application for the 109-megawatt project. It later claimed that the nest was not being used for breeding purposes in 2017.
The state Department of Conservation, however, found evidence that the nest was used for breeding. DEC authorities said that Apex’s turbines may need to be relocated as a result.

4 State Legislators Raise Health Concerns Turbine Project
Orleans Hub
Tom Rivers
“We all support green energy but making sure all public health issues are thoroughly investigated and vetted by the appropriate agencies needs to be a critical component of the permitting process,” according to the Oct. 2 letter signed by State Sen. Robert Ortt of North Tonawanda, and State Assembly members Steve Hawley of Batavia, Angelo Morinello of Niagara Falls and Michael Norris of Lockport.
Ortt’s, Hawley’s and Norris’s districts all include part of the project area for Lighthouse Wind with Morello’s district close by. The legislators say the project hasn’t been embraced by many in the community. “The local opposition to this is intense,” they wrote to the board members.

Somerset Yates Remain Defiant
Buffalo News
Opponents, including both town supervisors, vow to fight the Lighthouse Wind project, whose final approval – or disapproval – will come from a siting board comprised mainly of state officials. Only two local members will sit on the board.
“Two town election cycles have resulted in 10 out of 10 board members against the project,” Yates Supervisor James J. Simon said. “Multiple surveys have shown 60 to 70 percent opposition (among the towns’ residents). The Erie, Niagara and Orleans County legislatures have passed unanimous resolutions against this project, and the recently formed POWER Coalition (Protecting Ontario’s Waterfront, Environment, and Resources), representing 12 diverse, major environmental organizations, opposes Lighthouse Wind.”

As wind movement gains speed, some in Isabella want slowdown
Morning Sun
Lisa Yanick Litwiller
It was an interesting contract, so I got a highlighter and started going through lines,” said Colleen Vogel, who lives on more than 400 acres in Gilmore Township. “We have to be careful. The contract is 34 years and 11 months. Once in place this is not something that’s going to change in our lifetime.” Vogel was approached in February of 2017 about her land and felt uncomfortable with the “back door” way she feels Apex is acquiring land. “It was a hard sell. They said, ‘All of your neighbors are supporting, you don’t want to miss out,’” Vegel said.

On the Road to Truthiness
Watertown Daily Times
Perry White
We recently ran a story about opponents of the Galloo Island Wind Farm project demanding that developer Apex Clean Energy be disqualified and denied a permit because of apparent lies made in more than one application filing.
Our editorial board determined we would support the opponents’ demands because permitting for wind projects is far too important to let material falsehoods become the rule.

NYS Exposed: NY towns fight controversial wind turbine project
These turbines are going to stick out like a sore thumb,” declared Niagara County Legislator John Syracuse who represents the Town of Somerset. “The shock of a 600 foot spinning turbine in our pristine farming community, flat community, it could be quite obnoxious.”
With continued support for local communities resisting Lighthouse, Syracuse said he hoped to dissuade Apex Energy from pressing the issue by making it too much trouble to pursue. “We are dealing with huge conglomerate companies. They’ve got millions on the back end,” he said. “Hopefully, [we are] mitigating their return on their investment to point where they’ll recognize: ‘You know what? This isn’t economically feasible Any longer.’”

Information for Galloo Island Wind Project Revised
Watertown Daily Times
Marcus Wolf
“In general, we have concerns about siting a project in a unique habitat such as an island and in an area adjacent to Little Galloo,” said Tim R. Sullivan, a service biologist who was in charge of submitting the final draft of the letter.”

Truth Still Matters
Watertown Daily Times
Perry White
To take Dave’s letter at face value, one would think this risk to Fort Drum simply doesn’t exist. Dave has an answer for every question answered. And if you think of it, those answers are all in the wind industry’s interest. This is hardly a surprise since Dave used to work for Apex Clean Energy, sponsor of two of the proposed wind farms within range of Fort Drum’s radar equipment.
I talked to Dave, who is a very pleasant fellow. He had an answer for each question I raised about the factual nature of his letter. None of them was complete. But applying the criteria of “Is it opinion?,” they passed the sniff test. Barely.

Developer pulls plug on proposed wind farm near Searchlight
Las Vegas Review Journal
Henry Brean
Apex Clean Energy confirmed on Tuesday that it is “no longer actively pursuing the project.” The company’s website shows no developments in Nevada.
Apex planned to build 87 wind turbines, each about the height of the Planet Hollywood Resort, on 9,300 acres of public land just outside the home town of former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. A federal judge tossed out environmental approvals for the project in 2015, and an appeals court upheld that ruling last year, effectively forcing Apex to restart the multiyear permitting process.

Apex Clean Energy could divest additional Oklahoma wind farms, CEO says
China Go Abroad
Apex Clean Energy, a privately held wind power development company, could sell one of four Oklahoma wind farm projects but does not see itself taking part in any substantive acquisition activity this year, CEO Mark Goodwin said in an interview.
Charlottesville, Virginia-based Apex sees the five-year extension of the federal production tax credit (PTC) creating a stable, long-term environment for developers like Apex to increase 2016-17 project installations, Goodwin said.
Increased project valuations stemming from the buoyant US renewable energy market, including the past year’s frothy yieldco market, has continued to yield high price points for advanced-stage wind projects, he added.

Simon Dominates Absentee Ballot, Elected Town Supervisor
Orleans Hub
Tom Rivers
Simon said he will be pushing hard to fight the loss of “home rule” on the project. If Yates and the county can come out against the project, following Somerset and Niagara, Simon said it would be more difficult for the state to impose an unwanted project on Yates and Somerset.
“I will do everything in my power to make it a local decision,” Simon said. “We’re going to explore every option to bring back home rule.”

Kent County Resists Wind Turbines
The Elm (Student Newspaper of Washington College)
John Curran
Despite a unanimous decision by the county to reject the project and as petitions from local residents, the project can still proceed. This is because the final say on the project falls under the jurisdiction of Maryland’s Public Service Commission who have received a building application from Apex Clean Energy.
The ability of Apex to directly approach the Public Service Commission is seen by many as a circumvention of the law and a loophole that needs fixing. In response to the decision made by the Commissioners, Maryland State Senator Stephan Hershey has drafted a senate bill meant to combat the tactics employed by Apex. The bill will advocate for the inclusion of the local community in deciding whether or not the project will proceed, and transfer final control of the project from the Public Service Commission to the county.

D.E. Shaw Acquires 300-Megawatt Wind Farm from Apex Clean Energy
Justin Doom
D.E. Shaw & Co., a $34 billion hedge fund, purchased a 300-megawhatt wind farm from Apex Clean Energy Inc, for an undisclosed sum. The Balko wind farm in Beaver County, Oklahoma, is expected to begin producing power later this year, New York-based D.E. Shaw said today in a statement. Apex began developing the project in 2009.

Ikea buys Illinois wind farm in largest clean energy investment to date
Chicago Business
Steve Daniels
The facility is under construction by Charlottesville, Va.-based Apex Clean Energy. Ikea said it’s the largest renewable energy investment it has made globally to date as the retail giant seeks to generate as much renewable energy as it consumes by 2020. Apex will run the wind farm on Ikea’s behalf after the acquisition.

Atlantic Power increases stake in Canadian Hills wind farm to 99%
Renewable Energy Focus
Atlantic Power bought the interest from Canadian Hills’ developer, Virginia-based Apex Wind Energy Holdings, which will retain a 1% stake in the project. Apex will continue in its role as asset manager for Canadian Hills, managing construction and overseeing operations.

Atlantic Power Increases Stake in 300 Megawatt Wind Farm to 99%
Renewable Energy Focus
Atlantic Power bought the interest from Canadian Hills’ developer, Virginia-based Apex Wind Energy Holdings, which will retain a 1% stake in the project. Apex will continue in its role as asset manager for Canadian Hills, managing construction and overseeing operations.


Apex Clean Energy Inc. - The Company

Apex Company Info

The company was founded in 2008 and is based in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Apex Clean Energy, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Apex Clean Energy Holdings, LLC.

Links to Apex’s Lighthouse Wind website:

Apex using NationBuilder to organize
To drive community outreach and government support on each project, Apex’s Public Affairs team employs a six-point approach.

  • They work hard to identify supporters, keeping track of their progress in their NationBuilder database;
  • They activate those supporters by establishing a good ladder of engagement and identifying defined actions supporters can take;
  • They build relationships with government officials as well as local media, actively reporting and documenting their communications;
  • They maintain a positive presence in the community through their website, social media accounts, local philanthropy, and participation in community events and meetings;

    and, finally,

  • They share compelling local messaging about their projects via regular email and texting campaigns.

Alliance for Clean Energy NY (ACENY)
Board of Directors of the Alliance for Clean Energy New York includes Apex Director of Northeast development, Neil Habig

Quote from ACENY 1/3/19 blog by Ann Reynolds, Director, “Fourth – and most important – we need to build far more grid-scale renewable energy generation and we need to build it almost 5 times faster than we have for the last decade. This is doable but will require sustained commitment to the pragmatic details of getting projects not only into the pipeline but built.”

Quote from ACENY 10/18 blog by Kathleen Gasperini, “It was also refreshing to hear Sarah Osgood, Director of Policy Implementation at the Department of Public Service, talk about a different approach to Article 10 siting in response to the challenges and need for a better process, local waivers, and more staff to move things forward faster and efficiently.”

Power Coalition briefs state lawmakers on opposition to Lighthouse Wind project
Senator Rob Ortt (right to left), Amy Kahn, president of the Rochester Birding Association and Shawn Graff, vice president, Great Lakes Region, of the American Bird Conservancy, look at a scale diorama that depicts a 630-foot tall industrial wind turbine, with a 31-foot tall farmhouse.

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