Birding in and Around Somerset and Yates 2018

Participate in local bird counts from the comfort of your home or a location nearby. Become a citizen scientist! Click here for more information (pdf)

The American Bird Conservancy published the "Top 10 Myths About Wind Energy and Birds" on December 6, 2017 - https://abcbirds.org/top-10-myths-wind-energy-birds. They also published a March 2016 report that lists the Lighthouse Wind project in: "10 of the Worst-Sited Wind Energy Projects for Birds" - https://abcbirds.org/10-worst-wind-energy-sites-for-birds

The Rochester Birding Association says the "Apex Lighthouse Wind Project Poses Significant Threat to Birds": https://rochesterbirding.com/rba-apex-lighthouse-wind-project-poses-significant-threat-to-birds/


Every Letter Matters!
Let the New York State Department of Public Services (DPS) know your thoughts about the Industrial Wind Turbine Project through their Public Comments page and Include your personal story if appropriate:

Here's the link to the Public Comments page:
State of NY Siting Board project documents on Apex project (submitted as Lighthouse Wind)

Note - When writing to the NYS siting board about Lighthouse Wind you must refer to the
Case# 14-F-0485.

What You Can Do To Participate:


SOS president calls on Gov. Cuomo to reconsider support for Lighthouse Wind project.
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POWER Coalition unites to block Lighthouse Wind project
A diverse group of organizations have joined forces to stop the Lighthouse Wind project. See the press release announcing the formation of the POWER Coalition. POWER Press Release (pdf)

Apex’s proposed Lighthouse Wind turbine placement maps from October 2, 2018 meeting

Proposed Lighthouse Wind Turbine Layout Map   Proposed Lighthouse Wind Turbine Layout Aerial Overlay Map

Communications Regarding the Code of Conduct Agreement for Wind Resource Development

2016 Code of Conduct from NY Attorney General (pdf)

Communications between Apex and NYS Attorney General’s Office 2015-2016 regarding Code of Conduct (pdf)

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