Public Stipulations

What are “stipulations?” The stipulations filed by Apex are not the application for the project. Stipulations do not give information about the Lighthouse Wind project. Instead, the stipulations give a summary of the studies, reports, data and other information that Apex will put into the application when and if it files one. Apex has taken over two years to put together this listing of studies. Many of the studies listed in the stipulations Apex believes they have completed.

What can you do? If you would like to comment we have included a document titled "Instructions for commenting on Stips” (pdf). That will provide you the information that you need. Then take a look at one or two of the stipulations we have placed on this webpage. They are taken from a larger document so start reading from the first heading. They are not all of the stipulations but they are some of the most important ones for local people to review. Thank you for your participation.

Stipulations - Lighthouse Wind Project (pdf)
Read all Stipulations 1-41.

Instructions for commenting on Stips (pdf)

Comments on the stipulations must be filed by sending to both Taylor Quarles and Secretary Burgess as follows:

Submit comments on the proposed stipulations by filing a copy with the Secretary and serving such comment on Lighthouse on or before May 9, 2018.

Such comments must be served on Lighthouse’s designated representative, Taylor Quarles, 8687 Main Street, Barker, NY 14012, or by emailing

A copy of such comments must also be filed with the Secretary to the Siting Board. The comments may be filed electronically by registered users through the Department of Public Service Document and Matter Management (DMM) system1 or sent by e-mail to the Secretary at

Comments may also be sent by mail to Hon. Kathleen H. Burgess, Secretary, Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment, Three Empire State Plaza, Albany, New York 12223-1350.



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