Planet of the Humans

Planet of the Humans is an environmental documentary directed by Jeff Gibbs, and produced by Gibbs and Ozzie Zehner and executive produced by Michael Moore.

It dares to say what no one will—that we are losing the battle to stop climate change because we are following leaders who have taken us down the wrong road—selling out the green movement to wealthy interests and corporate America. This film is the wake-up call to the reality we are afraid to face: that in the midst of a human-caused extinction event, the so-called “environmental movement’s” answer is to push for techno-fixes and band-aids. It’s too little, too late. Removed from the debate is the only thing that might save us: getting a grip on our out-of-control human presence and consumption.

The truth, Gibbs says, is that putative solutions to our global environmental dilemma, such as switching to renewable sources of energy, building more wind farms and electric cars, offer false hope.

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‘Green’ billionaires behind professional activist network that led suppression of ‘Planet of the Humans’ documentary
The Grayzone, Max Blumenthal
“The Michael Moore-produced ‘Planet of the Humans’ faced a coordinated suppression campaign led by professional climate activists backed by the same ‘green’ billionaires, Wall Street investors, industry insiders and family foundations skewered in the film” for raising questions about the efficacy and environmental cost of renewable projects, and proposing an explicitly anti-capitalist solution to the corporate destruction of the planet.
Ecological economist William Rees has claimed that “despite rapid growth in wind and solar generation, the green energy transition is not really happening.” That might be because it is chasing energy growth instead of curtailing it. Rees pointed out that the surge in global demand for electricity last year “exceeded the total output of the world’s entire 30-year accumulation of solar power installations.” Even mainstream environmentalist acknowledge reliance on renewable energy “means a lot of dirty mining” to extract the minerals required for electric batteries and solar cells.

Why “Planet of the Humans,” Michael Moore’s new film about green energy, is so controversial
Salon, Sophia A. McClennen
Sums up claims from film that challenge widely-accepted narratives about green energy:
1. Renewable energy is not exactly renewable.
2. Many green movement leaders are actually part of a corporate-influenced elite.
3. Corporate capitalism has taken over green energy.
4. The manufactured faith in renewable energy has distracted us from considering ways to reduce consumption.

Review of Planet of the Humans
Resilience, Richard Heinberg
The transition to renewables is going far too slowly to make much of a difference during the crucial next couple of decades. Renewables are realistically incapable of maintaining our current levels of energy usage. The only realistic way to make the transition in industrial countries like the US is to begin reducing overall energy usage substantially

New Michael Moore-Backed Documentary On YouTube Reveals Massive Ecological Impacts Of Renewables
Forbes, Michael Shellenberg
New documentary, “Planet of the Humans,” reveals that industrial wind farms, solar farms, biomass, and biofuels are wrecking natural environments.