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Things to Consider

Problems and Pitfalls with APEX Landowner Leases

A transcript of the presentation given by Ms. Krista Barth, contract law attorney, analyzing a lease offered by Apex Wind, the company attempting to build the Lighthouse Wind project in Orleans County. This was presented at the meeting on July 28, 2015 organized by Save Ontario Shores, Inc.

Home Owner's Insurance denied by Western General Insurance Company with installation of a wind turbine on the property:


As of June 21, 2018, these landowners have had leases or easements with Apex recorded with the Niagara or Orleans County Clerk's office.


Argen, Elias
Atwater, Ben & Seth
Atwater, Ben & Susan
Atwater, James
Atwater, Richard & Ben / Farm Trust
Austin, Richard & Barbara
Baker, Robert & Patricia
Bratton, Michael & Denise
Chaffee, Dudley
Congi, Anthony
Czelusta, Joseph & Jacqualine
Eggert, Barbara
Estep, Ronald & Roberta
Forrestel II, E Peter
Gardner, William & Judith
Gleason, Rudolph & Greta
Granchelli, Thomas
Hurtgam, Joanne M.
Kelley, Ronald & Nicole
Keough, James
Keough, John & Barbara
Kepner, Dale
Koerner, Floyd & Marsha
Langendorfer, Duane & Dorothy
Lee, Stephen & Jenny
Lyndaker, Charles
Lyndaker, Elmer & Colleen Padilla
Lynn-ette & Sons Land Co/Darren Roberts
Mishev, Boyan & Elizabeth/Trust
Nellist, Larry G
Pike, Raven F
Platt, Paul & Linda
Popp, Mark & Cora
Porter-Klino, Tom, Doug & Mary
Raduns, Daniel & Jennifer
Rhodes, Keith & Sharon
Robison, Milford, David & Jennie
Shisler, Garland & Scott
Silsby, Sidney
Snell, Krista
Sonberg, Gail
Sproull, Robert & Sharon
Townsend, Dann & Avis
Treitler, Andrew & Susan
Voelpel, John & Jane
Wasik, George
Whitford, Lyle & Priscilla
Yousey, Steven & Rosemarie


Austin, Richard & Barbara
Bane, Donna
Bayne II, Gary & Faith
Bayne II, Gary
Bentley, Lynnette
Chaffee, Dudley
Chaffee Farms LLC
Corser, Elwyn
Fisk, James
Fisk, Richard
Grossman, Jesse Jr. & Kay Marie
Hayton, Jeremy & Theron
Kidney, Everett & Sharon
Lennon, Douglas
Mank, Norman & Shirley
Olejniczak, David & Darcy
Piskorowski, William & Gail
Robison, David & Jennie
Shoreline Holding/Dudley Chaffee/Scott Buffin
Thering, Gary & Nancy
Travis, Thomas
Wagner, Christopher & Elizabeth
Yoder, Norman

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See how close the 600ft tall industrial wind turbines could be located.

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The map above shows an approximation of land leased for Lighthouse Wind industrial wind turbines or turbine related activity or buildings based on available County documents and GIS data. If you have information about parcels that have been omitted or included improperly please email SOS and we will look into it.    

Gone with the Wind!
The value in your home and property

On this site you will be able to easily access worldwide information about property loss, income stream losses, homes abandoned, and related economic losses due to proximity to industrial wind turbines. It is clear that the phenomenon of property loss is widespread, real, and verified by many experts. The tragedy is compounded by lives shattered by the loss of their principal home/residence/farm/land, often a complete loss, as a sale is not even possible.

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