Environmental Justice

Hawaii protests show why wind energy can’t save us from climate change
The Hill
Robert Bryce
Of the many land-use conflicts that have erupted during the past decade over proposed renewable-energy projects, the protests at Kahuku are remarkable both for their duration and the number of people who have been arrested. The conflicts are a harbinger of more clashes to come if governments attempt to install the colossal quantities of wind turbines and solar panels that would be needed to fuel the global economy. The refusal of all-renewable advocates to consider the cartoonish land requirements of their schemes and how those plans are affecting ordinary people in rural areas is perhaps the single biggest disconnect in the current energy debate.

‘Planet of the Humans’, Possibly Most Bracing Environmental Documentary Ever Made
Non Fiction Film
Matthew Carey, documentary film writer and journalist
Director Jeff Gibbs argues we’re heading towards ‘total human apocalypse’ and green energy is ‘not going to save us, it’s actually going to kill us faster’

Why some rural communities are fighting back against wind development
Jeremy Kitson, Citizens for Clear Skies, from Van Wert County, Ohio
Folks fighting for their quality of life are not against better means to serve our complicated energy needs. We are fighting for our property rights, our health, our guaranteed safety, and energy policy that makes sense.

San Bernardino County Says No to Big Renewables
National Review
Robert Bryce
All across the country rural landowners and governments have been rejecting or restricting renewable projects, and they’re doing so at the very same time that left-leaning politicians and some of the country’s biggest environmental groups are claiming that the U.S. must quit using hydrocarbons and nuclear energy, and instead rely solely on renewable energy for our electricity.

The Monsters on the Ridge
Bob Lonsberry
Why do you think wind and solar projects in New York invariably end up in the poorest, most rural and politically powerless communities?

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