Save Ontario Shores, Inc.

Save Ontario Shores, Inc. is a grassroots citizens group

formed in January 2015 to address the health, safety and welfare of the Town of Yates and Town of Somerset taxpayers and residents regarding the issue of permitting Apex Clean Energy, Inc. to build 45 to 70 industrial wind turbines in these rural towns. Concerns include sound emitting from the turbines 24 hours a day, change to the rural nature of the area with the addition of industrial wind turbines, potential health risks, and the effect on wildlife, local businesses, property values and tourism.

Lighthouse Wind

Apex’s proposed turbine placement map



Click on the brackets on the upper right hand side of the window below to get a larger map. This map is interactive and works like Google maps. You can zoom in using the +/- buttons on the lower left. You can double click on the turbine icons or on a leased parcel to see who the owner is. For an alphabetical list of signers in both towns, go to our “Leases and Easements” tab.

Power Coalition unites to block Lighthouse Wind Project

A diverse group of organizations have joined forces to stop the Lighthouse Wind project. See the press release announcing the formation of the POWER Coalition

Birding in and around Somerset and Yates 2020

Participate in local bird counts from the comfort of your home or a location nearby. Become a citizen scientist! Birding in the Towns of Yates and Somerset

The American Bird Conservancy published the “Top 10 Myths About Wind Energy and Birds” on December 6, 2017 – They also published a March 2016 report that lists the Lighthouse Wind project in: “10 of the Worst-Sited Wind Energy Projects for Birds” –

The Rochester Birding Association says the “Apex Lighthouse Wind Project Poses Significant Threat to Birds”:


It’s time to stop the Lighthouse Wind Project once and for all!
Call Gov. Cuomo and tell him to pull the plug on the Lighthouse Wind Project: 518-474-8390. You can also contact the governor through his website:

The Cuomo Administration is proposing to remove local taxing authority over large-scale renewable energy projects from municipalities.
SOS has written a position paper.

On December 4, 2020, SOS submitted several documents to the Office of Renewable Energy Siting to address the Draft Regulations and Uniform Standards and Conditions being proposed by the Office.
Included was a cover letter signed by several additional stakeholders across upstate and western New York, expressing their support for these comments. Additionally, 8 appendices were included addressing various topics of concern. READ MORE

On December 4, 2020, SOS sent a news release to the media entitled “Save Ontario Shores calls on state to extend deadline for implementation of draft regulations”.
SOS Vice President Kate Kremer states that “these hearings are part of a fundamentally flawed process.” READ MORE

On October 27, 2020,  SOS released the results of a survey which showed a dramatic increase in local opposition to proposed industrial wind turbines in Somerset and Yates.  “After five years, any lingering doubts about the level of opposition to this project has evaporated,” said SOS President Pam Atwater.

On September 28, 2020, Niagara County Legislators Godfrey and Syracuse wrote an editorial in response to a piece by the Buffalo News editorial board. “Your recent editorial that New Yorkers need to learn to live with solar and wind power unfortunately continues to perpetuate the myth that there are only two positions on the renewable energy issues: either being for it or against it. This is wrong.”

On September 22, 2020, Chautauqua Updates posted a video of local union workers picketing the Cassadaga Wind project site.
It’s called “Hey, Cuomo: What about those local jobs?”

On September 5, 2020, the Buffalo News ran an article called “As New York pushes green energy, localities bristle at loss of control”.
A new law gives New York State government more authority than ever over approvals for large-scale wind and solar energy projects.

On September 2, 2020, a video posted on Chautauqua Updates featured Dr. Mark Twichell discussing wind turbine noise and an overview of the current wind turbine situation in NYS.
“New York State regulatory agencies … are permitting a facility that they know is going to be highly annoying to 10% of the population and have the recourse of filing the nuisance lawsuit based on the fact they can no longer can enjoy the full use and valued of their property.”

On August 28, 2020, Niagara County Legislators Wydysh, Syracuse, Godfrey and Myers sent a letter to Secretary Phillips of the NYS Public Service Commission.
In this letter, they expressed their opposition to the Great Lakes Wind Feasibility Study.

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